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I am anticipating a bit of production work coming my way in the coming months.
Just like during the Summer when I'm on The Librarians, appointments may be subject to change.

I will give you a least a couple days notice and alternative appointment times when I contact you.
If you don't hear from me then your appointment will not change! Please let me know if you have any special events or vacations so I can endeavor to get you in before!

Thanks for your continued support of me & my make-up artist hat! 



Sugarpuss celebrates it's 3rd year in the beautiful Alberta Station building in March 2016. 

As of March 15th, you will notice a slight price increase on select services. I continue to strive to give you affordable self care services and remain competitive with other spas in the area.

Most notably the changes will be: maintenance brow wax $23, lip or chin wax $11, one hour facials $85 and the Beauty Queen package $63.

Thank you for your understanding and continued patronage!


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